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German Shepherds

About Us


  Mazerick German Shepherds (Joeseph, Charlene & Patrick Mazepink) is a family run breeding program, one that focuses on the health, temperament, and structure of German Shepherd Dogs.

It started back in 2001, when we fell in love with this distinctive breed. After searching for a reputable breeder, we came across Georgiana Hornberger (VonHornberger GSDs). Soon after purchasing 'Sierra', with Georgianna's guidance, we began showing and breeding.

Patrick Mazepink, caught by the 'Show bug', went on to work for James & Sheree Moses as well as Lenny Brown, furthering his education in handling, conditioning, and training German Shepherds.

  We do not breed often, but when we do our litters are carefully planned, and both parents, to the best of our knowledge, are sound in temperament, health tested, and represent the breed in type and character. Pedigrees are carefully researched in order to produce the healthiest, happiest puppies, and reduce the chances of any possible genetic issues. If you ever have any questions about the breed, our health testing process, or simply would like to know more about our wonderful dogs please feel free to contact us. We love to "Talk dogs!"


We are members of the GSDCA, GSD Club of Greater York, West Volusia Kennel Club, and the GSDCC.



Charlene and Joseph Mazepink are located in Nottingham PA

Patrick and Christina Mazepink are located in Webster FL

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