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Mazepink Handling

About Us

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“We are both incredibly grateful for the opportunities that have been presented to us both throughout our careers in dogs. We were both given the opportunity to work and learn under the 'Best of the best', from the Professional handlers, to the long time breeder-mentors, and we could never thank you all enough. As we continue our handling career together as a team, we look forward to our future and appreciate the support from our clients, friends, family and mentors in this sport.”

-Patrick & Christina Mazepink

Mazepink Professional Handling

Established 2015

We reside on a 22 acre farm in Central Florida where we board, groom and train our string of show dogs.

Patrick has been in German Shepherds since 2003, and Christina has been in Cardigan Welsh Corgis since 2007.

Formerly known as Summit Professional Handling

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